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These Maryland Social Workers Wrote a Children’s Book to Answer Coronavirus Questions

Perhaps your kid is asking, “Can I catch coronavirus?” or maybe just “What is coronavirus?” As parents themselves, Maryland social workers Arlen Grad Gaines and Meredith Englander Polsky are encountering the same questions. In response, the co-authors wrote I Have a Question About Coronavirus, a free children’s e-book to help parents maneuver coronavirus-related queries.

The book is the fourth in their “I Have a Question” series, which breaks down tough topics like death and divorce. Gaines and Polsky saw a gap in such resources catering to the learning styles of kids with autism spectrum disorder and special needs, so they created their own.

“I’ve always said this as a special educator myself, that special education is just really good education,” says Polsky. “So the things that work really well for kids with special needs work really well for all children.”

The Washingtonian magazine spoke with the authors about starting the coronavirus conversation with your kids.

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